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Masturbation Muse

I am a masturbation muse. The face of fapping. The Edie Sedgwick of erections.

I inspire a different kind of brushstroke. Their artworks are stiff tissues that lay at the bottom of wastebaskets.

They create poetry in my name. Words inscribed in a digital bubble—temporary, just like us. 

They tell me they touch themselves for me. 

I’m supposed to be honored. I’m supposed to be turned on. Tell me what else I’m supposed to be.

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I'm Not Touching Your Penis

This is the move I’ve seen a thousand times. He’s knocking, but not entering. Flirting with the boundary, but not violating it. His penis is dangerously close to my vaginal opening. I am now uncomfortable.

“You are not putting that inside of me.” I stop kissing and look him in the eyes. He climbs down from on top of me and lays beside me, stroking my body. Both of our shirts are still on. He continues to tell me how sexy I am, how much he wants to fuck me. I continue to tell him “I know.”

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