The Powerless Pleasure

You always remember your first. The Cum Dumpster—or “Cummy", as I affectionally refer to him—is my first pay pig. But he is much, much more than a vessel for fluids or a wallet of cash. While I am well versed in the art of humiliation, the financial aspect is a road not taken. Cummy and I have a special relationship. We never intend it to turn out the way it did. In fact, it’s tumultuous from the start.

For those of you playing at home: a pay pig is the submissive in a financial domination relationship, wherein the pay pig gives money or gifts to their Domme as an act of humiliation. Words like humiliation are harsh. They elicit a certain imagery. An advanced version of bullying.  “Worthlessness” comes to mind. Yes, those elements may appear louder on the surface. This form is built on these acts just as much as it is on trust, personal growth and sensitivity. There is a sweeter side to humiliation. After all, it’s only fun to make someone eat their own semen if they secretly enjoy it.

I find The Cum Dumpster on a dating app geared towards threesomes. He and his girlfriend have an open relationship. I have no intention of turning him into my sub. If I notice an opening, I may fish, but I never hunt. Desperation is an act reserved for my submissives. The key to healthy domination is their volition and desire to be a willing participant, combined with my ability to walk away.

Wether it’s my open stance on power dynamics or my dominant self emanating from my being, it doesn’t take long for the conversation with Cummy to shift. It is he who brings a financial turn to the generic humiliation rhetoric. No demands, only questions.

“I want you to take my money. I want you to have complete control over me.”

I know of financial domination and tactics, though I never consider the venture myself. 

“How much do you want?”

Again, letting him lead—ironically being the submissive in the equation—I question him.

“How much do you think would prove your devotion to me?”

“Anything. Fuck.”

I familiarize myself with the words of his powerless pleasure. The combination of disbelief and the release of a long kept, secret desire can only be described as “Ughhhhh” (the more h’s the better) and the classic: ’Fuck’.

“How does $250 sound?”

Nonchalantly, I tell him, “That will do.”

In a simple exchange to my PayPal, he sends a screenshot confirming the money to my account. Another back and forth of our text conversation, another $100 sent to my account.

We keep up our conversation in that first week.

“I’m coming into a lot of money today. How much do you want?”

“Why don’t we make it an even thousand and do $650.”

“Oh, you’re greedy.”

Greedy or not, the $650 is deposited. Over a one week period I gain one thousand dollars without so much as meeting him.

Money is exchanged intermittently to prove his devotion and powerlessness. I enjoy twisting him around my pinky finger, making sure it is always sent on his own volition.

He requires much patience. There are many months of brattiness I endure. I am calm, yet stern. I know I am the only person to which he ever submits. Our relationship stems beyond the acts I make him do. It builds off of a trust. My purpose is irreplaceable. I remind him of his initial desires and intentions, and to keep those core values in sight. We choose his name together: The Cum Dumpster. 

“You know the rules. You can only cum if its on your face or you eat it.”


I recognize that exclaim. It means I have him. I pushed him, teetering towards the precipace.

“Cummy. It’s in your name. You are The Cum Dump. Whether it’s yours or anothers, you’re going to live up to your expectations.”

Cummy is heterosexual. Though, from initial probing, I can tell what area of humiliation makes his toes curl. It is a gradual process to get Cummy to suck his first dick. Though the desire may be buried inside, this process sexualizes cum for him—be it his own, male or female. The dirtier, the better. I start with cumming restrictions of his own, all while seeding fantasies of dude-on-dude fellatio. Once he gets his first taste of manmeat, there is no stopping him. Initially he executes these acts in my honor before he acquires his own autonomy. Where I once sent him on ‘dick missions’ to service a certain quota of humans he found on Grindr, he now initiates his own excursions and occasionally seeks my approval or permission for his actions.

Cummy fits into the same category as other forced bi enthusiasts: Straight, but they like dick. I wouldn’t necessarily classify that as bisexual. The difference is the sexualization of the penis or the act of being used by one. There tends to be an absence of kissing or intimacy and more focus on the sexual acts, themselves. Women are encouraged to explore attraction to the same sex. Society calls it ‘experimenting’. The social stigma of that line that shall not be crossed prevents males from dipping a toe into the water, while also heralding it as something naughty. It may be due to the taboo nature of being with another man or that giving and getting pleasure is fun in a sexual scenario. If they enjoy it, does the rationale matter?

I remember the tremor in Cummy’s voice as he details his first experience being fucked by another man. This isn’t on our agenda, but a natural progression. In just over a years time he transitions from a heteronormative male with am underlying desire into a cum guzzling slut, finding joy and pleasure in his humiliation and servitude. He’s overwhelmed to share the details aloud, yet I couldn't be prouder. I am beaming from the trust to share such a vulnerable moment as well as the doors we opened for him together.

Cummy and I have met in person twice. Once at his apartment—where I tease, kiss, and cuddle him. Once on the street between our respective homes—where I only tease him. Cummy is a decent looking fella, but the basis of our relationship isn’t sexual attraction. Financial Domination is a facet, though it’s not the foundation. Money is sporadic, but his loyalty remains the same. I know Cummy’s devotion to me is unwavering from the hurdles we face throughout our relationship. There’s a care we develop for each other. He takes pride in my career accomplishments and provides comforting words when I am unhappy. I know that Cummy would never judge me, nor I him. Though he is often too busy to provide the constant attention I require, his consistency remains a virtue. He may not be the best submissive, nor the best pay pig, but he is my “Cummy".