The Sexual Revolution: The Second Cumming

I'm writing a book. A memoir. It's about sex. It's about me. It's about you.

A  recollection or personal, hilarious and intimate stories acquired along the way of my sexual journey. It's Tucker Max meets Gloria Steinem with an educational twist.

New York Times

“Ultimately, I believe it’s going to be men helping men in order to be better humans, better allies and better advocates,”

"it is important to tailor each experience to individual preferences and not assume that there is any one-size-fits-all approach to B.D.S.M.”


"Allow me to address the puddle in the room: Squirting is not pee. Gushing is not pee. Have you ever tried to pee on anything that is not a toilet? How about on another human being? Golden’s require a certain amount of effort. So, quit worrying about peeing during sex and let the body do its job."

Men's Health

“The top squirting myth is that it’s always an orgasm,” says sex educator Lola Jean, aka, “Lola Jean the Squirting Queen.” Jean teaches squirting workshops and says that while squirting and orgasm often happen in tandem, they aren’t always one and the same. Sometimes women will squirt without having an orgasm; sometimes, they'll squirt while coming, and sometimes they'll squirt after they get off, when they’re feeling more relaxed.


Elite Daily

"I find that men of all shapes, sizes, and colors have this unflappable confidence that they are deserving of everyone’s time. I make them pay for it. When they come to my classes, my events, and my sessions, I decide when they speak, call them out on creepy behavior, and determine how much of me they get to access. Usually, it’s not much."


“This is the product of a culture that only teaches to ask, especially when the asking isn’t always realistic. While it’s great that we’re talking so openly about consent, it will get us into trouble if this is the only tool of measurement for a sexual encounter. Obtaining consent, or an enthusiastic yes, is not a fail safe for leaving others unharmed. Trauma and consent are not conditional. Trauma need not exist with the presence of a no or the absence of a yes.”