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  • House of Togetherness 14-16 Betterton St London United Kingdom (map)

Maybe you've heard of the G-Spot. That elusive area that is the key to a new level of orgasm and/or pleasure? Just like everyones body is different everyones G-Spot is different.

What is the different between a G-Spot orgasm and other orgasms? Where exactly is the G-Spot? What does the stimulation feel like? How tied is the G-Spot to both orgasm and squirting?

Lola uses both her knowledge and collaborations from scientists, doctors, fellow educators and most importantly - her own body. Lola has worked with countless individuals on understanding their squirting prowess. It is a matter of muscle group, not come hithers. That doesn’t mean everyone who attends this class will soak the bed by the end of the night. G-Spot pleasure, much like sex, is a journey.

This class is a LECTURE and DEMONSTRATION. Meaning, there will no opportunity for you to touch other folx OR yourself. If you wish to participate there will be 30 minutes towards the end of class for couples and vulva owners to explore. If you are not a part of a couple or have a vulva - sorry! you can't stay for this part.

ACT I - Science and Anatomy.
Where is it? How do you locate it and how do you touch it? What is way to stimulate the area without direct touch? Everyone is welcome to this deep dive on the G-Spot,squirting, anatomy, the benefits, realities as well as anecdotal experience to prepare you for ACT II….

ACT II - Demonstration.
Because it's hard to believe things that we can't see with our eyes. Watch a live Demo of techniques, communication and reaction for hands-on action.

ACT III - HANDS ON - for couples and vulva owners only (8:00-8:30p)
The body is intricate, complex, and beautiful. Every vulva is different, like a snowflake. While there is no "one size fits all" techniques when it comes to pleasing a vulva owner there are many tried and true techniques, tips and tricks to use like an explorer on an expedition.

Learn the art of communication when it comes to making a lover feel safe, comfortable and valued. Take inventory on their responses to understand what type of approach and touch is best suited for them.

**If you are a vulva owner without a partner there will be a few Sex Coaches and Professionals on hand to guide you through your journey (with gloves!! - safety first)