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Butt, Stuff : A Sex Ed Q&A - P-Spot / G-Spot & Poly

Butt, Stuff is the Sex Ed for Adults you didn't know you needed. Realistic and frank sexual discussion beyond the birds and the bees. Butt Stuff? is an informational series that brings together a variety of experts and experience experts in one setting to answer your questions from all angles. Tackling topics like Dom/Sub in a domestic setting to My First Sex Party. Butt Stuff? takes a realistic approach to your wildest or most tame sex questions to provide what's most applicable for you.

Who is Butt, Stuff for?

Literally anyone. Single, taken, poly, monogamous, Dom, sub, vanilla, curious, bi-curious, asexual, trans, non binary, pups, Daddies and everything in between. Sex and anything related is anything but a one size fits all. Even if you're a close minded narcissist - you gotta learn somewhere, right?

G-Spot, P-Spot & Poly stuff

Some of our most asked about topics will be the focus of October's: Butt, Stuff.

Ah, the spots. The elusive spots. The P Spot. The G Spot. But are they really spots at all? Is there a map? What if I can't find it? What if I never find it? What do I do when I find it? What if I don't like it?

We obsess over these spots because it may not be familiar. And the unknown is oh so sexy, not to mention endless with possibility. This is not a typical "hands on" type of class so we welcome the shy with open arms. While, of course, consent to hugs.

While Informational, this crash course covers more than Anatomy. But yes, we go over that too. Aaron, Lola, and Stephen discuss positive and negative experience with each and how someone can benefit from the relationship with their G/P-spot.

  • Do you have a Prostate and want to learn how to have internal orgasms a la the multi orgasmic man?

  • Do you want to understand squirting and if there's a physical and dependent reationship to the G-spot?

  • Do you want to know the best way(s) to stimulate your G/P-Spot and how to go about that?

Poly is now an "in" thing in media and society. And while that is super great, everything under ethical non monagmy seems to be thrown under the polyamory umbrella when it should be the other way around. The reality is: poly is not suited for everyone. And there isn't one way to poly, or one way to be ethically non monagmous for that matter. Stephen, Aaron and Lola all have extremely varying experience within the ENM (ethically non monagous) umbrella. A few common questions will be addressed along with anything additional or personal you wish to throw our way.

Also to be discussed is the gendered and heteronormative approach to ENM and why that type of mentality and language can be dangerous.

  • How do I know what type of ENM is right for me?

  • How does poly work when I have kids?

  • How do you deal with jealousy?

  • What about the unicorn?

  • What its like to date someone in a commited relationship?

  • What if you change your mind?