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Sensual Dominance & Erotic Sense Play comes to London! @ 20:30

  • Meeting Rooms 14 Neal's Yard London, England, WC2H United Kingdom (map)

BDSM can include many layers and levels of play, one of them being the sensual side of touch and sensation. Sense Play uses techniques and methods that play on both the physical and mental aspect of the sub. For Sense play we utilize many different tools/toys that vary in texture, feel, temperature and density. One doesn't have to identify as a Dom/me or sub in order to enjoy sensation play.

Lola will take you through how you can dominate using sensuality and touch to Dom/me your sub. Learn to introduce the various tools to create sensual layers of tactile response. Combined you will find a play session that is both erotic and stimulating, while not being overly aggressive and avoiding impact play. Great class for all new comers and those that know.

As a step beyond our normal sense play class, learn how to use less invansive tools of dominance or control without asking your partner to give up more than they are ready for. An excellent lesson for those unsure of where to start with their partner. A favorite of Lola's is a correction to the kink starter pack: Choke, Spank and Hairpull are executed painstakingly wrong and with such frequency. Learn how to do these basic moves with ease, consent, and safety.

We will provide some tools/toys, but feel free to bring your own.

What to expect at the workshop: Wear as much or as little as you want. The more skin that is exposed the more skin that can be touched. Usually people just wear undergarments for this class. You can dress in gear/sexy clothing if you want, though it is not required or expected. You will learn how to use all items shown in a safe way.

What to bring? You can bring a towel, and shorts that you can wear when you need to use the restroom or walk in the waiting area. If you have tools/toys feel free to bring that as well.

I'm a sub/dom/switch/gay/straight/man/woman/human, is it okay if I come alone?

This is a tasting using different types of toys or temperature on the skin. We have people pair or group up and split the class into two intervals so each person can experience being giver and receiver. If two individuals agree to any sexual touching of sorts that’s up to their own consent however it is NOT required or expecting of any individual, nor is nudity. We cannot promise to pair you up with someone of a specific gender or orientation, so if you don’t want to leave it to chance we recommend bringing a partner