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Love Thyself: A Self-Pleasure Workshop (for Men!) @ 19:00

***NOTE: this class is intended for men and trans/non-binary people with penises*** 

Feel like you've hit a rut within your masturbation? Are you more focused on your orgasm than the actual pleasure? Are you more concerned with the state of your erection than the actual sex and pleasure of a partner? The best love is self love, so why do we tend to rush this act as opposed to taking the time to enjoy it? This class will leave you looking at self love in a new light. Think of this as a yoga class for your naughty bits.  Whether it is learning new paths to pleasure or how to direct a lover to service you or working towards non ejaculatory orgasms. Unravel your relationship with your penis (or however you refer to your genitals.) The class is part talk & learn and part guided touch.

Starting with a few basics on anatomy and pleasure zones. Instructor Lola Jean will take you through a journey to unpack any hangups and reconcile your relationship with your genitals before a vocally guided self touch journey. Partake in a few exercises that will help expand your views and understanding on masturbation as well as your own body. Orgasm is allowed in this class but it is not the coal

All you need for this class is yourself and your hand. A nude inspired class, nudity is fully optional as masturbation can be done with clothes on too. This is a safe and body positive space to be vulnerable both physically and mentally. It's also not nearly as intimidating as this description may have made it sound. Please bring a towel or sheet etc... to lay overtop the yoga mats :)

What is this class like? I'm nervous... and haven't done anything like this before.

Soo many people come to this class nervous and expecting something entirely different. I work to make this a welcoming and comfortable environment. The first half of the class is completely clothed and discussion based. So you have time to get your bearings and find comfort with your fellow classmates. For the second half of class you can choose to be as clothed or nude as you wish. You can close your eyes or open them. Each person will have their own yoga mat to themselves. This is a solo journey. though you'll find the company of those on a similar journey to feel very freeing. 

What does vocally guided touch mean?

It's more akin to a yoga class or guided meditation. Starting with a few grounding techniques, you will be guided through touch so you can check your mind out and focus on your body with no pressure or expectations. If you are feeling uncomfortable at any time you don't have to follow the guidance and can move at your own pace.