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Killing Kittens : The Secret to Squirting

*To celebrate the upcoming International Women's Day we thought to throw a workshop for women to celebrate and love themselves!

***this class is intended for women and trans/non-binary people with vulvas*** 

The best love is self love, so why do we tend to rush this act as opposed to taking the time to enjoy it? Masturbation has many benefits, one of which can be finding new ways to explore your body and discover new skills, whether it is learning new paths to pleasure or how to direct a lover to service you or working towards squirting voluntarily (that means on your own!) ...Yes, squirting is one of those skills. Lola Jean learned to understand and harness her ability to squirt not only with a lover but on her own through masturbation. It was not an overnight sensation, but a journey to the Olympian squirter she became. Though voluntary squirting is not the focus of this class, Lola will explain techniques and what to look for during this solo exploration.

This class will leave you looking at self love in a new light. Think of this as a yoga class for your naughty bits. Though the G-Spot is often heralded as the holy grail to squirting, Lola will show you ways of involving more control via prostate stimulation. Starting with a few basics on anatomy and pleasure zones. Instructor Lola Jean will take you through kegel exercises and show you the tips and tricks to make your own waterfall. 

This is a workshop which entails exercises such as: breathing exercises, silent scream, kegel exercises, group discussions and there will be a practical demonstration by Lola Jean!