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Oral Fixation: A Lesson in Fellatio and Cunnilingus

  • 3F Studios 51 West 14th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Take a trip down South and stay a while. 

If you are unaware of the importance of Foreplay, we're glad you're here. You need this.

Aside from being really fucking fun, oral manipulation of the genitals can be as satisfying an experience as sex for both the receiver and the giver. Not to mention, oral can lead to more satisying and enjoyable sex.

As humans, we tend to like what we're good at. So, why don't you brush up on your skill set and add this to the list of things you're good at. Led by Aaron and Lola Jean who will discuss the separate anotomy as well as different techniques and fundamentals when it comes to pleasing your parter orally. The class will be broken into two hours. The first hour focused on Cunnilingus technique and the second hour focused on Fellatio. Within each hour Aaron and Lola will begin with a talk & teach by explaining and demonstarting certain moves. Then you'll be able to try these out on your own partner with Aaron and Lola both available for any assitance and coaching.

Both identifying as Pansexual Aaron and Lola bring a unique perspective being skilled givers and recievers while able to translate body empathy.

NOTE: This event is for couples only, no singles.  open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

What to expect at the workshop:

You will be with your partner the whole class. Class is nude inspired, but givers can be in underwear if you so choose, we do encourage a body positive environment so full nudity the entire time is welcomed if you are comfortable.

What to bring?

You can bring a towel, and shorts that you can wear when you need to use the restroom or walk in the waiting area.