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FemDom101 @ Sh! - 19:00

  • sh! womens emporium 31-35 Pitfield Street London, England, N1 6HB United Kingdom (map)

New to Female Domination and not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve dipped
your toes into the pool but not sure what to do now that you’re there. This
class is for new and old FemDom (and submissive) alike. A true Domme never
stops learning, and the soft skills can be all the more imperative: I.E. all
the things that are happening within your ”scene.” What are you saying? How
do you start off a FemDom encounter, how do you end it? How do you guide
someone to a state of vulnerability?
If you’re a submissive - how do you behave? What is the etiquette to follow
to still get you what you want? This class will have a specific focus on
verbal and mental dominance, bringing your partner to mental vulnerability.
We will put our skills to use and practice tactics on each other like
interrogation, mental fuckery, and using role play to encourage unbridled
behavior. The limits within the mind are not as finite as the physical.
Learn when and how to push mental boundaries and how far you can take it.

There is no single "right" way within FemDom. Every Domme has their own
style, and every sub requires a different approach. DommeLabs are designed
to give you the tools you need to be a badass bitch in and out of the
bedroom. Refine your skills, gain new inspiration, methods, and embrace your
inner Domme. Learn how to seduce your partner into playing submissively.