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Pegging: An Introduction To Butt Stuff

  • 3F Studios 51 West 14th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Pegging: A sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man by penetrating with a strap-on dildo. 

Congratulations prostate owners, you are a lucky bunch. YOU-yes you-have the privledge of both being able to penetrate and be penetrated. 

This class is intended for first time peggers and peggee's or those looking to refine their skills. Not ready for dildo penetraton? That's what hands are for. Gloves, lube and boy butter will be made available to attendees to make sure your first (or more) time is memorable.


In this class we will cover pegging top to bottom, emphasis on the bottom. We begin with a discussion on anatomy and safety before we progress into a demo of external touching and massage before any penetration would occur. Then you'll be guided through hands on, hands on touch -- if you wish to participate. Next up is a live pegging demo which you will have the opportunity to partake with your partner or fellow classmate should they consent.

We'll take the build up from manual prostate play and stimulation and work up to dildo penetration. Coming as a single? Find someone to pair up with or go on a solo voyage: spelunking the the great unknown. Not sure you're ready to Dora Explore someone's butthole? Sit back and watch, learn, take notes. Spectator sport!

There will be a few extra dildo's available to use (with condom!!!) but dildo is very personal for each prostate owner so we encourage you to bring or buy your own!

There are tiered tickets available for those in search of a Harness or a premier prostate play toy for solo or partnered use. Dont miss this amazing deal on these bedroom essentials!