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But I'm One Of The Good Guys

  • Alchemical Studios - Studio A 104 West 14th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Do you feel that you've been forced into silence? That there isn't an environment to not only support but discuss your own experiences and thoughts surrounding #metoo or navigating consent?

It's okay to be upset. It's okay to be confused and unsure. It's okay to be frustrated. This is a space for men. All men.

**At this time, women are not permitted to attend this event, though there will be an online webinar due soon where all genders will be able to participate**

THE GREY AREA. This discussion group tackles just that. Many people saw themselves in the Aziz Ansari narrative. He's not a bad guy. You may not be a bad guy as well, but how do we improve? How do we make a safer environment for women without compromising our own needs and desires? How do we navigate achieving those needs and desires? What do we need from women in order to make this new environment possible?

Each month, we will present a new focal point. This month is: REJECTING and REJECTION. Understanding our fears, desires and how the pending rejecting or rejection shapes our behaviors.

As featured in the New York Times

An all-male group led by LMSW Colin Lentz and assisted by several thought leaders. 

 Bryan Stacy Sexual health advocate

 John Rominellio New York Times bestselling author and men's coach

 Lola Jean Sex Educator, Instructor and Coach

The thought leaders will share personal stories and learnings as conversation points. They are there to question and offer perspective, not opinions. This is not a space to attack and correct behavior, but more a mancave to unpack aggression and sharing not-so-politically correct thoughts.

What this is not a space for:

Specific individual blaming
Judgement within the group
Discussion specific to sexual assault, rape, crimes, or major news stories

About Bryan Stacy

Bryan Stacy founded Biem App after fear prevented him from dealing with a sexual health situation that left his testicular cancer and chlamydia undiagnosed and untreated for months. After writing and speaking to thousands about his sexual health journey, he co-founded Biem Health, an app that gives people access to sexual health doctors, the ability to get tested for STDs, and share verified test results with sexual partners. He can be found on Instagram @talkingnut and @biemteam.

About John Romaniello

John Romaniello is an entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, an expert on butt stuff and threesome ettiquette. An advisor to nearly a dozen fitness and tech companies, Romaniello has written for a myriad of publications covering topics ranging from insulin sensitivity to increasing sex drive and performance. He has been featured in dozens of publications and on a number of TV shows. 

About Lola Jean

Lola Jean is Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Fetish Wrestler, Pro Domme, Writer and self proclaimed Olympian Squirter. Lola's background in the mental health field gives her a deep understanding to the mental blocks many individuals may face sexually. Through both personal and professional experience, Lola brings a refreshing understanding to sex and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of. 

About Colin Lentz

Colin Lentz is a licensed social worker in New York working as a psychotherapist and career counselor for individuals and couples. He has specialized training and expertise with: sexual functioning and sexual anxiety; fetishes, kink, and BDSM; compulsive sexual behavior; non-monogamy and polyamory; gender (including transgender and gender diverse people); and sexuality. He combines psychodynamic and solutions-focused clinical techniques to support clients in fostering deeper self-compassion.

Note About The Press

Often times, members of the Press contact us to cover this group. Your privacy and anonymity is ALWAYS important to us. Any members of the press will only be allowed into the event once the class has concluded (unless they are present as attendees themselves). Any interviews, photos or videos are entirely optional and are completely at your discretion. You do not have to be identified if you do not wish to be.

To Press: if you wish to attend this event note that it must be a male participant to stay during the event itself. Please contact or for further inquiries