Beyond the Bare Minimum: Sexual Harassment Training and Resource Center

Beyond the Bare Minimum does just that. We go beyond the standardized required material for your workforce. No more boring presentations you won’t take seriously. To make best use of our time we provide an online toolkit individuals are required to familiarize themselves with prior to the in person training. This can also be used for new hires outside of a annual training.

We don’t focus solely on “what not to do” but also on how to carry yourself and behave. What are the fears and socialization that drive us here? How can we create a culture where these conversation can be less rooted in fear and instead normalized.


It all started when…

Tired of models that focused solely on avoidance and preventative only measures, Tim and Lola sought to create something more comprehensive and self-sustaining. Something that went Beyond the Bare Minimum.

You don’t need to practice meditation, tantra, or deep breathing in order to be a decent human being and practice effective communication skills.